Want to meet your MMO lover in real life?

Almost a year ago I got contacted by a producer looking for MMO couples who had not yet met for a TV show. This weekend she contacted me again, telling me the great news that her TV show has been picked up. If you are currently in an online gaming romance and want to meet this wonderful person in real life, this is your chance!

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LovelUp, The App For Dating In MMORPG’s!


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LovelUp_2Finding a partner online is nothing new any more. More and more people search for their significant other on dating platforms. They create a profile, present themselves the best they can, scroll through many faces and pick a few to get into contact with. We probably all have a friend who has used such platforms or who has successfully come together with someone. We also know the many failure stories, because finding a meaningful relationship through online dating is hard when most people really just want a one night stand or an affair.

Meeting the love of your life in an online roleplaying game isn’t that uncommon any more either. Because you play together with other people, you get to know one another. At some point your game related converstations become more personal, you see how someone plays, how he/she behaves while doing quests and raiding dungeons together, if he/she likes to assist you when help is needed. Becoming friends with some of the people you play with is only logical. Falling in love can happen just as easily.

A couple of weeks ago a guy named Raymond K Walintukan contacted me and informed me about this great app he and his colleagues have developed called LovelUp. With this app getting to know someone online and playing your favourite MMORPG are being combined: you are being matched with other players who enjoy playing the same games as you do and invite them for a play date. During gaming you get to know each other and who knows… a friendship or something more romantic may start to blossom.

Because I wanted to know more about the why’s and how’s of LovelUp I asked Raymond a few questions.

MMO Couples: What motivated you to create this app?

Raymond K Walintukan: I was at a friend’s house during New Years Eve and we were talking about how online dating is a terrible way to meet someone. Unless someone was interested in a one-night, hit it and quit it relationship, it’s highly unlikely that choosing the person you want to date purely based on a dating profile would lead to good matches. What can you really find out from a picture and a short bio? We both have many friends who have dated multitudes of times and never quite worked out. There had to be another way. We’re both avid gamers and realized how close of a bond was formed between us because of games. We would play at least 2-3 hours together per day after school and work. We end up spending more time in the game with each other, than with anyone else. In the end we became very good friends and our bonds are still strong today. I’ve heard the same thing about couples meeting online and then finally ended up getting married. I thought that’s got to be a great way for people to really get to know each other – the way they play games. Rather than talking over an awkward cup of coffee, why not try to go to a new dungeon/instance together?

Also in doing more research we came across MMO Couples. This blog definitely opened our eyes and hearts to know that this type of dating is already happening. Thanks MMO Couples!

MMO Couples: Why do you believe meeting and playing with people in online games is better way to find a partner than searching for someone on a regular dating site?

Raymond K Walintukan: It’s not based on the way someone looks. It’s a safe way for people to find out how others deal with frustration, or how generous and considerate they are. After playing for a few hours I think people generally are more honest and real about who they are.

MMO Couples: I suspect there is a selection of games I can choose from? Which games for instance?

Raymond K Walintukan: You can play any type of MMORPG. World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Final Fantasy. I have a friend who actually met their significant other while playing DOTA 2!

MMO Couples: Last but not least: how does the app work?

Raymond K Walintukan: Currently it’s a system that matches people based on an algorithm which we created. It takes into consideration a person’s age, orientation, and the games that they play.
Once a game date has been assigned, they come to a message screen where they can talk to each other and figure out where/which game to meet in. Instead of choosing a coffee shop or a restaurant, they’re choosing a server or a place to meet. The server will decide what common game works for both of them.


I am very enthusiastic about LovelUp and therefore want to support Raymond and his team by asking my readers for their assistance. LovelUp is in the beta phase, but no worries: if you haven gotten curious and want to try it out, you can sign up here to test the app on iOS and Android. There are no costs involved, the app is free as a bird 🙂

The LovelUp Team and I are happy to learn about your experiences with the app and the people you meet, so feel free to contact us:


Legacy Quest released on iOS and Android!


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LQ_1You like playing action RPG’s, exploring dungeons, crafting magical weapons and killing lots of evil monsters? Then check out this exciting, cool new game by socialspiel and Nexon Korea on both iOS and Android called Legacy Quest! Not only is it lots and lots of fun to play, it also looks absolutely amazing. You can sense the creativity and the joy with which the game has been designed – an artistic, cute mixture of Lego, Minecraft and plain awesomeness. Same goes for the music, which has this great 80’s feel to it that fits perfectly to the looks of Legacy Quest and – very important – does not at some point get on your nerves.

Gotten curious? Then go check out the main trailer and teaser and let yourself be convinced!

Finally I did it!


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GameSparkI admit it, I have become a bit lazy with this blog. But this morning I finally did it: I copied all the missing blog post from the former MMO Couples to this one. So where can you find what:

– Anything having to do with research on the topic of people falling in love in online games you can find on the MMO Couples Research page.

– The first love stories are on the Love Stories from the Old MMO Couples Blog.

– The Tips and Advice page speaks for itself.

– Under Older Articles you can find some topic related writings by my hand.

I have a request to all the people who have shared their love story with us: I would love to know how you are all doing! So please feel free to write me: mmocouples@gmail.com – and mention if I may publish your follow-up or not please. 

What can you expect from MMO Couples in the near future? For one, a follow-up on my own MMO love story is well overdue. I promise, it will come. Other than that I honestly don’t know. I have not received a new story for ages. Maybe because finding a partner in an online game is not such a strange, big deal any more. From time to time production companies contact me about wanting to create a program on the topic, so the interest does grow. I guess time will tell 🙂

back2back TV is looking for MMO Couples!



Dear readers, if you are a couple or part of a couple living in the UK and are willing to share your story in a documentary, please contact Zoe Dobson of back2back tv.

“Are you in a MMORPG relationship? Are you looking for a MMORPG relationship?

Are you about to meet up for the first time in RL?

UK film makers are making a one off documentary and are looking for positive stories that celebrate virtual relationships and we would love to hear from you. Ideally at least one half of the couple should be UK based.

If you’d like to find out more and you are interested in sharing your story, e mail zoe.dobson@back2back.tv .

All e-mails will be treated in confidence.”

Additional information:

“The documentary is about relationships which blossom online, through avatars, and successfully develop in the ‘real world’. The programme is a positive exploration of the more unconventional ways that people meet their partners.

We would love to hear from users of Second Life, WOW, Guild Wars or Final Fantasy or similar MMORPG platforms who are inavatar relationships develop. ( Ideally, couples, or at least one half of the couple should be UK based.)

We are looking for a number of couples who would be willing to share their stories on camera. We are interesting in finding  couples who have not yet met in real life (ideally not even skyped )  – and would be happy for us to film their first meeting, a  couple meeting for the first time in RL, a couple who are moving in together after having had a virtual relationship, a  couple who are  about to have a Virtual wedding, a  couple who met on line and are about to get married in real life, a serial dater, some silver surfer couples, etc.

 In short we are interested in talking to a real variety of different people in different stages of their relationship.” 

TV Show looks for people in long distance online relationships!!!


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Dear readers, I got contacted by a Casting Associate Producer in Los Angeles, who is looking for couples for a show about long distance relationships. She looks for couples who have yet to close the gap, let alone have had the chance to meet in person. She writes: “Recently, shows concerning LDR’s have become quite popular. However our show, rather than just scratching the surface of the overall relationship, is aiming to take the concept a step further by focusing on the compatibility of the specific couple.”
Since they are also interested in how people have met – for instance in a MMO – she asked me to post her flyer on the website. So here you go 🙂 



Young Love


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This story has been waiting to get published since November 2013.  To the author: I am very sorry it has taken me so long!


“Shank and I met through a married couple who was friends of both of ours. Coincidentally they met online through the Lion King forums from forever ago. Our first time meeting was when I’d been invited to a party in Guild Wars 2. It was my first time playing since it first came out.

Ever since the beginning, Shank was patient, kind and easy to be around. He took his time explaining things to me, seeking me out, making sure I wasn’t going to disappear when I got depressed. He kept me with the group. Our friendship blossomed into spending time alone together. We began watching Smallville together nightly. Neither of us were in a relationship at that time. I had been in a few before.

Eventually I began picking up on hints and after a few games he bought me, we finally had a talk about our feelings for each other. We admitted to one another we liked each other. I admitted I didn’t know how to explain us to our friends when they asked.

So he said he’d like to think of us as dating. I accepted. Since then I’ve been having the pleasure of waking up to his text or calls in the morning, or waking him up to mine. We say goodnight every night and still have our nightly tv shows. Both of our families know about us. My mom’s response?

‘When is Shank coming to visit?’


This sketch is by the author of this love story, Jink

It’s a nice feeling. I can honestly say I’ve never been in a relationship with someone who is so uncomplicated, laid back and genuinely cares about my feelings before. At some points it makes things hard for us to figure out what to do and I’m still getting used to the compliments and to the knowledge that someone really wants to spend time with me. It’s usually the other way around.
We’re planning on a visit soon as we’re able to, and maybe someday we may even move in together. I’ve always had to know someone years before I even think of a date. But ever since knowing Shank, I’ve known he’s the type of person I wouldn’t mind marrying. He’s even made me re-think having kids, when before I was adamantly against it.

It’s hard to explain. My life before him was complete and I was happy. But now I really can’t see it without him. Like Sinatra’s lyrics go:

“I was serenely independent,
And content before we met
Rather like a habit one can always break
And yet
I’ve grown accustomed to his look
Accustomed to his voice
Accustomed, to his face.”

We’re both in our mid-twenties and neither of us have any delusions about this. I began dating, knowing marriage was more than bound to happen. I’m glad he’s on the same page.

Thank you for letting me share my story. We may not have been together as long many couples out there, but I know that this is the real thing. It just took a lot of stumbling and luck to find the man who complimented me so well I still find myself calmed and feeling loved.”


Back2Back Productions looking for MMO Couples in the UK!


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This is for all of you who have met their big love in a MMROPG
and are now living as a couple in the UK:

Zac Colbert, development Producer at Back2Back Productions, is looking for couples who are willing to participate in a project.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to: Zac.Colbert@back2back.tv